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Business Appraisals
Business Appraisals
03:22:59 04/08/2017

Business Appraisals
18:27:31 08/06/2016
A business appraisers valuation will provide a clear accurate affordable MARKET VALUE appraisal. No rule of thumb, comps, or multiple confusing methods.

Business Appraisals
18:26:35 08/06/2016
Discount for lack of marketability and control Over the years I have been asked to calculate discounts for lack of marketability and control for minority business shareholder buy backs. It bothers me that business owners in ...

Business Appraisals
15:10:35 11/08/2015
We are now mobile friendly. Ask us about your business valuation!

Business Appraisals
18:29:05 10/07/2014

Business Appraisals
22:17:21 07/02/2014
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